Are you a mama that is ready to overcome exhaustion and overwhelm?

I’m the qualified life coach that will help you get there!

I support gentle and loving mamas to stop listening to all the mixed messages they receive day in day out and instead trust themselves more.

I will help YOU to own your decisions and be the mother that you truely want to be!

You give your all to your little one and you wouldn’t have it any other way, but you’re also exhausted and drained. You want to take better care of yourself, but don’t know how and when. You’re dying to feel more rested and at ease, so you can be the gentle mama you want to be and enjoy this chapter of your life more.

If you’re anything like me and have read a whole lot about parenting, you’ve probably come across the saying to fill up your cup first. You’re probably also painfully aware of how hard it is to actually implement that. You might be in the thick of it with a baby that wants to be held 24/7. Or you have a toddler that seems to be just as attached to you as a tiny newborn. I feel you! I too had (and still have at times) a “velcro baby”. I’m also a breastfeeding, gentle mama who is against sleep training, lives far away from any family and who doesn’t have a daycare spot for her daughter. So yeah, I really feel you!

I will help you to look after yourself while taking care of your little one. Yes, it’s possible!

My role as a qualified life coach is to ensure that you achieve your goal of taking incredible care of yourself and doing things that light you up while also looking after your child in a gentle way.

*Don’t worry, I won’t give you any unsolicited advice on how you should parent your child though, because I believe you’re the expert of your child!*

I loved my sessions with you, Cindy! Your soft and gentle approach was a wonderful breath of fresh air, because so many of the resources that tell you how to be a good mother are actually quite aggressive. I loved your way of asking gentle but probing questions, and I never felt judged or silly for the way I was feeling.
— Ruth Wooldridge Glanzer, USA

As your coach, I will:

  • encourage and support you to make choices that feel good and right for you.

  • cheer you on and have your back, so that you learn to stand up for yourself and own your decisions.

  • help you to re-evaluate your priorities and make sure you actually prioritise them in your day-to-day.

  • help you to accept and surrender to the things you cannot change, but lovingly encourage you to change the things that no longer work for you.

I will help you shift out of overwhelm and exhaustion by working on your mindset and starting to take much better care of yourself.

I know it’s possible, because I’ve been there. (Hello there fellow overthinker and perfectionist with people pleasing tendencies!)

Together we will create a “toolkit” that you can and will use over and over again.

You will incorporate self-care into your DAILY life. Yes, that means every single day. You will work on creating a positive mindset and making decisions based on trust and love as opposed to out of fear. You will feel grateful and calm instead of stressed out all the time. You will check in with yourself regularly and become more aware of your needs and desires, because I’ve got some news: your needs are just as important as everyone else’s!

My daughter is still my number one priority but I make time during EACH day to do something that makes me happy, because I know I’m a better carer for it. In fact, the main thing I took away from working with Cindy is that it’s not just ok to make time for myself, but a necessity.
— Sophie Wickham, Ghana

In short: I will help you to fill up your cup, so that you can lovingly and happily give from the overflow to your loved ones.


As well as boosting your confidence, mindset and self-care routine, coaching with me will see you:

  • feeling reconnected to your partner,

  • filling your life with activities that you enjoy,

  • creating new friendships and feeling more supported.


I set it as my mission to take you further than even you might be able to see you can go right now.



In MAMA-CARE my 1:1 coaching program, I will guide you to feel and know deeply that you’ve got this. Together we'll dive deep into mindset work and self-care activities that will help you look after yourself better while still prioritising your little one too.⁠

This is your chance to stop feeling overwhelmed and self-doubt, and instead embrace being a mother.


MAMA-CARE is a 3-month coaching series that includes:

  • 6x fortnightly coaching sessions of 60 minutes (via Skype or Zoom)

  • unlimited E-mail support between sessions

  • relevant resources, recommendations and worksheets


3 monthly payments of $150

or one payment of $400


I understand how important it is for you to find the right coach that really gets you. That’s why I offer free, no obligation 1:1 Clarity Sessions (via Skype or Zoom) where we can get to know each other better and decide if we want to work together. There’s absolutely no risk for you!


My gentle style of coaching works best with mums who:

  • want to trust themselves more

  • want to let go of fear of judgement and make decisions confidently

  • don’t want to neglect themselves any longer while giving their all to their little family

  • are committed and ready to take action

  • are into gentle parenting and value forming a secure bond with their child

  • want to enjoy this chapter of their life rather than just thinking “this too shall pass”

My life coaching IS NOT for you, if:

  • you’re not willing to reflect on yourself and take action accordingly

  • you want someone to tell you exactly what to do

  • you’re looking for a “quick fix”

  • you’re into rigid routines that don’t allow any flexibility



You think you don’t have enough time and energy for a 3-month coaching series? As a full-time mum I totally get that. That’s why I offer a money back guarantee, if within 24 hours after the first paid session you decide that you can’t commit to a full coaching series after all.

However, please know that making time for yourself every fortnight to talk things through with someone who really listens will make a huge difference in your life and it will also be really energising too!

You deserve to make yourself a priority, mama! Your loved ones will benefit from it just as much as you.

I truely believe in the power of coaching, and I believe in you! But I know that you’ll only get out what you put in.

So if you realise after our first paid session that you really won’t be able to commit to the 3-month coaching series, I’ll give you a refund. No questions asked!

PS: It’s possible to be coached while you are with your little one. However, I do encourage you to get someone you trust to look after your child for the duration of our calls, so you can focus and make the most of this time.

Give yourself permission to make yourself a priority, mama!

Apply for a free, no-obligation Clarity Session now to explore if working with a qualified coach is for you.