Hi there,

Welcome to my online home. I’m so excited you’re here! I’m Cindy Graham-Schmidt, a life coach for overwhelmed and exhausted mamas, who constantly doubt themselves and their abilities as a parent. I help them to take better care of themselves and listen to their intuition, so that they can embrace motherhood feeling content and confident. 

Are you ready to embrace motherhood wholeheartedly and make yourself a priority at the same time?

I help caring and loving mamas to stop putting themselves last, and treat themselves with the same compassion and love with which they treat their little one. I help mamas to stop listening to all the mixed messages they receive from others and instead trust their intuition. I help YOU to own your decisions and BE THE MOTHER YOU WANT TO BE!

Here, you’ll find inspiration as well as practical tips about:

  • learning to trust and know that you’re doing a great job (Yes, you are!)

  • accepting yourself and the fact that you’ll make mistakes along the way

  • recognising your strengths and (re)defining your core values and priorities

  • creating a nurturing and loving home for you and your family

  • and much more

Learn more about me HERE.