Ruth Wooldridge Glanzer, USA

Ruth Wooldridge Glanzer, USA

Cindy was gentle, supportive and encouraging. Coaching with her was transformational!

When I first connected with Cindy, things were bit of a mess. I wasn’t confident and easily undermined by things on the internet and all the uninformed information out there.

In our first session, Cindy was able to really tease out what was important to me and what I wanted. After that I had a much clearer focus on how I wanted to be as a mother, and what I wanted for myself and my family.

The biggest change I have seen in myself since I began coaching is my ability to be more discerning about what is and isn’t supportive and helpful for me as a mother. I am better able to tell what will suit us as a family, and what ideas or practices are best left out of our home. It is a relief because learning to take care of a baby while also being in information overload can be really overwhelming.

My friends are surprised at how relaxed I am as a first time mum, which is a massive compliment.

I loved my sessions with you, Cindy! Your soft and gentle approach was a wonderful breath of fresh air, because so many of the resources that tell you how to be a good mother are actually quite aggressive. I loved your way of asking gentle but probing questions, and I never felt judged or silly for the way I was feeling. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

Sophie Wickham, Ghana

Sophie Wickham, Ghana

My expectations of what I could achieve through coaching were certainly exceeded!

When I first connected with Cindy, I was a first-time mum with a challenging 1.5 year old, living on a different continent far from family and close friends. I was feeling fed up, negative and was struggling with my daughter’s frequent tantrums, health problems and night waking. I didn’t do anything to care for myself, all my day was taken up with childcare and household jobs.

It was when I shouted at my daughter to eat her dinner that I knew I had to manage my stress better. I had never worked with a coach before and I was nervous but hopeful.

By the end of my first session with Cindy, I knew that I was doing the right thing. I now had manageable goals to work towards and the support to get there. 

I surprised myself with how quickly I managed to gain and maintain a positive outlook in my day to day. I became more mindful, started using techniques that I had discussed with Cindy and made changes almost immediately. When I feel overwhelmed now, I take a step back and recognise it. Then I use the tools that I now have to deal with it. 

My daughter is still my number one priority but I make time during EACH day to do something that makes me happy, because I know I’m a better carer for it. In fact, the main thing I took away from working with Cindy is that it’s not just ok to make time for myself, but a necessity. My biggest achievement resulting directly from this is that my daughter is happier because I am happier.

A big thank you, Cindy

Rebecca Jade Hoole, UK

Rebecca Jade Hoole, UK

I have become calmer and discovered tools that help me to stay balanced and grounded.

When I first connected with Cindy, I had a lot going on and felt overwhelmed and unbalanced. I was also fearing judgement of others.

I decided to have coaching because I was excited to make changes, be heard and work through my thoughts without judgement.

I wanted to be more open about my life goals, act upon my intuition and make sure I wasn't neglecting myself while managing my busy schedule.

Throughout the coaching series, I have become calmer and discovered tools that help me to stay balanced and grounded. My friends have seen me grow in confidence, and I have become more open which in return attracts the right people into my life. I feel supported now and like I am being my authentic self. I have let go of fearing judgement.

I appreciate how Cindy helped me to realise how much I had progressed even when I felt like I hadn't achieved much. I'm thankful for her calming presence and that she was gentle. All in all, I would describe my coaching experience as uplifting, supportive and heart-centred.

Thank you for holding the space for me. I trusted you completely.